The Artists

The Artists is predominantly an online store exhibiting wood jewelry. Below are examples of product design from CAD to hand manufacture, E-commerce/ Website design and Logo design.

The simplified stages of this brand and product

The Sacred Geometry Collection is a devision of The Artists, and the main objective was to create something new from the shapes visible in nature. The symbol below was taken from one of the products called the "Seed of Life" which is a variation of earrings and pendants within the product collection.

Taking the design to production

Using vector programs is a skill which I have developed as it enables me to incorporate design elements which can be automated by tools, like a laser cutting machine (used for cutting, etching, and grooving, etc. ) . Each design had to be tested as a prototype before going live into production as there are tolerances, burning, and imperfections within the design just to name a few points to iron out.

Creating a Logo and Brand, giving the product shelf space, and selling as a wholesaler

I really wanted to bring in the visual treatment of ink and brush mediums, topped off with a natural looking hand-written effect with "The Artists" Logo design. The balance is slightly off to the right as I wanted the artist, hypothetically speaking, to be right-handed. The letter "t" would have to be different shape, but not too different as to keep the writing legible. After many late nights, I was pleased after mocking it up on pencil and paper, photoshop and lastly Illustrator.

I moved onto getting business cards printed which had a clean and minimal look. There was a texture to the paper which was notable to the touch. The few elements described above had a place within the idea of having a more premium and somewhat timeless brand in mind.

The production was ready and perfected, there was enough stock, and now the aim was to have the product selling in shops nationally and internationally. This was something fulfilled as there were sales in the UK, Australia and South Africa within the first year of approaching clients as a wholesaler. Below is a Wholesaler guide pamphlet which gives all the necessary information about the product.

The products

The brand was becoming successful, but needed some new products, so there were ideas of engraving on stone, creating furniture, ornaments and a host of other ideas to still come. The final products which one can see below were all photographed and kept as reference for marketing purposes, and to show potential clientele what the capabilities of "The Artists" was.

The Online Store

With all mentioned above. It was time to have a shop for orders, to market, to interact, and to catalogue all the products. See my work here:

From here, expansion of product offering and marketing are two moves going forward for the business.

With this said, take a look at the new products created in 2021.