I'm a designer working on digital products

I help brands around the world turn their ideas into high-quality products, from customer-facing design to marketing collateral. My expertise spans nearly two decades, bringing satisfaction to both job owners and businesses alike.

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My Top Skills

Motion Design

I create dynamic animations to boost storytelling, elevate branding, and engage audiences for ads and educational content.

Website Design

I create visually appealing, user-friendly websites that enhance brand identity, improve user experience, and drive engagement.

Brand Design

I craft unique visual identities that reflect your values, enhance recognition, and create lasting impressions on audiences.

Email Design

I create visually appealing, responsive templates that boost engagement, deliver your message effectively, and enhance brand identity.

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Projects, design & collections

Jewelry design
Product design

Hey, my name's Tim, I'm a designer based in South Africa.

Presenting creative work with optimal functionality is the cornerstone of my practice. In essence, I thrive on combining artistic expression with mental stimulation to deliver outstanding projects. I am meticulously focused on ensuring comprehensive quality for customers. For me, a job well done translates to a strong portfolio.

As a designer, I am the embodiment of my brand, accountable for every project delivered to clients, customers, and businesses. With years of multi-disciplinary experience, my expertise ranges from digital and video design to website development, print-ready materials, manufacturing, product design, and advertising. For larger or more complex projects, I collaborate with other skilled professionals to expedite and enhance the process, always striving for excellence.

My specializations lie in delivering comprehensive projects encompassing branding, product design, and video content for businesses. I seek clients who are as detail-oriented and meticulous about quality in branding and digital products as I am.

Maintaining strong relationships and responsive communication with my clients is paramount. I take immense pride in my ability to deliver projects on time and effectively. My portfolio confidently showcases my work, underscoring the satisfaction of my customers.

Timothy Oranmore-Brown


Testimonials from my Collaborations and

" The work Tim has delivered has been excellent. "

" Tim is really fun to work with and has some really good ideas "

Andrew Bond

Bond Design & Co
" The work Tim has delivered has been excellent. "

" The work Tim has delivered has been excellent. "

Billy Berry

Kustodian Brand Agency

" thank you for creating my logo...magnificent service! "

Krystle Butler


" Tim is Fantastic...creative...good to do business with. "

Wesley Grosvenor


" Professional, Efficient and very creative "

Lodewyk Coetzee

Coetzee Alberts Architects

" fantastic job on our new logo. Thanks for the design! "

Lisa Rogers

Fast Lane Digital

" awesome website...response has been quick. "

DeWaal Calitz

DC Jewellers

" Fast, efficient and professional "

Petro Calitz

Gold Trader

" You did an excellent job...professional...well done. "

Danie Erusmus

Limelight Design

" Water Park has benefited...Love brain storming with you "

Dirk Steyn

Diaz Water Park

" The only way to do great work is to love what you do. "

De Rustica

Olive Estate

" After five years I can still recommend "

Basson Piek

Rauch Gertenbach Inc.

" Fantastic service...Exactly what we wanted...very professionally done "

Wild Meats SA

Cape Town

" I’ve only had great experience...Highly Recommended! "

Tyrone Shackleton


" I have had only the best service from Tim...keep up the amazing work... "

Steff Hageman

Vast Horizon Tours

" super helpful...quality of work has been superb... Great job! "

Chris De Wit

South Cape Wireless

" work is amazing...creative partner who thinks outside the box, "

Fast Lane Digital

Mossel Bay

" added value to our site... after sale service is also to be recommended. "

Murray vd Linde

Eden Wealth Management

" professional service... pleasure to work with... good work "

Jaco Hefer

Master Steel Structures

" Digital Partner comes to mind if I describe our journey with Tim... "

Jaco Mybergh

Oté Group

" professional, sufficient would definitely recommend Tim! "

Moné Joubert


" Got great service...was easy to communicate with Tim "

Jaco Londt

DA Chair