Technical drawings

Below are some of the works I completed as a product designer creating model renderings of a photo-realistic quality for the POS and POP industry. I had worked predominantly using Rhinoceros coupled with the V-ray render engine plugin, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, and Corel Draw. My position also required me to create 3D printing files, files for laser cutting, isometric drawings and tech-packs, instruction sheets, and digital marketing material, including product advertising, catalogs, client presentations, website development, and photographs.

Conceptualization; 3d rendering; 3d modeling; 3d print setup; Texturing; Lighting; Compositing; Isometric drawings; Tech-packs; Instruction sheets; File preparation for Injection molding; CNC; Laser cutting; Laser engraving; Vacuum forming; Die-cutting; Metallisation; Print setup; Screen printing



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