Prince Vintcent & Company

The main objective of this project was to create a logo, and I would need to find out the history of Prince Vintcent to present a rendition of what was done, what the story of the landmark was, and how it all fitted into The Prince Vintcent Building in Mossel Bay, a South African small coastal Town, which benefited from this unique merchant building.

History and Story

The project begins with what was done, so I approached the project by looking into the history of the family name, and found more details such as:

Prince, Vintcent & Co, of Mossel Bay, was a family owned business. They were importers, merchant-wholesalers and retailers with developments into other activities over the years, including export.
The firm was founded, probably in 1863, by Joseph Vintcent and JS Prince, previously a partner of the London-based Prince, Collison & Co firm.

By the turn of the century, Prince, Vintcent was training in a wide variety of commodities and merchandise. Imports included sugar, possibly from Ceylon, steel from England, timber from Canada and the Baltic, whisky, firearms, manufactured goods and textiles. More info can be found here.

Left: Joseph Vintcent; Right: Circa 1901. Bland St facing east. Vintcent Square; Bottom right: Details on buildi

First impressions

The below image is the main source where I could see what the image of the company had been using for their stationery, this clip was found within a newspaper article, and this is where the design process and inspiration of and for the revamping of the new logo would come from.


Below are the fonts I selected to accommodate the logo process as the above choice is a clean, and more minimal font, whereas, the bottom font was a more timeless and hand-written look.

Final Logo

The black & white versions are final, and the below animations are part of a presentation to portray a story, brand identity, and mood for client approval.