Oté Group

In 2020, I was approached to build a platform that would provide farmers a tool to save on costs, I was to build a platform that could deliver a message, take orders, collect information and have automation do the rest. The shortened version of the process is exhibited below, including the video I produced, graphic design work, and website development. Thanks to the team at Oté who envisioned game-changing methodology within the farming arena, and many meetings later, I was able to deliver my part.

A Clear first impression

The landing page video was to broadcast a message with clear directive, visual elements to enhance the narrative, and a voice to concisely put in place what Oté is about.

Adobe- After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop and Audition was the software used.

The end user digest

Visually understanding the process was a key factor. Below is a planning diagram of links and phases, called the Timeline. This would assist me in meetings and furthermore visually plan where information was to be directed and stored.

Website development and design

Moving forward with a Multi-lingual website was of priority as a very large part of the farming community in South Africa are Afrikaans speaking, thus having the option to flip over from English to Afrikaans was a needed facet to implement on the WordPress Website.

Furthermore, the website would be packed neatly with valuable information about the services provided, industry information and updates, fillable forms to capture credentials, security measures, and an easily navigable interface.

Website design and development

Graphic design

Branding, visual association and steps, ease of use, and many more factors are incorporated into the need for Graphic design to be of use to any company of any size. In this particular project, I was to create the most simple way to broadcast a message on how to purchase services from Oté.

That's a wrap, thanks for viewing my work

I'll be updating my portfolio regularly, if you're wanting to work with me, follow my contact on footer.