Ring-A-Nerd Brand Revamp

A brand revamp was in order, and I was in charge of doing just that. My job was to make the company look more appealing, up to date, and recognizable amongst the growing Internet Service Providers within the Garden Route area.

Brand identity; Marketing; Social Media advertising; Graphic design; 3D design; Print-ready artwork; Website design; Vehicle wraps



Short description:

Ring-A-Nerd combines more than 20years experience in the IT industry, the team is positioned to undertake an all-encompassing analysis of the needs of corporate business, and home user clients, based on their individual needs and profiles.

the challenge

Online and Real-World Branding

Throughout the years, I have been exposed to branding and technical "know-how" of marketing and creating brand presence. Below one can find some of the items designed-up for Ring-A-Nerd.

  • Responsive Logo design and Mascot
  • Print-ready designs for branded goods
  • Car decal and wrap options
  • Meta Advertising
  • Shop Branding
  • Website design

Responsive logo design

Logo design

Seen above are variations the Ring-A-Nerd logo would mostly be used for online and Real-World mediums, hence, I use responsive as a term, due to the logo needing to live in as many space limitations as possible. The base Font for the brand used is Lato.

Business card and stationary design

Business cards

Above business cards with rounded corners were used to give a more approachable and aesthetic feeling. In combination to rounded corners a soft touch heavy paper can be used for best results.

Vehicle wrap options

Vehicle decals and wrap

Vehicle wraps are a way to go when wanting eyes on your brand, and information within the design layout, at the right size, will make it easier for potential clientele to contact one for services.

Vehicle decal print-ready selection

Branded goods

Promotional and informative banners come in many shapes and sizes, and can even be made up to specification. The print-ready designs below were used for the shop front to attract people driving by.

Roll-up Banner and Flag Banner

The Gazebo design below is used, not so much as an informative item, but rather a point of reference amongst a crowd on Golf Days or other events.


Graphic design and online marketing

Product offering is important to illustrate as best suited to brand and easy to understand. Price lists, humorous advertising and printed media where the below creatives were used, in order to get more clients onboard and potential clients informed.

Price list

Meta organic ad creatives

Meta paid advertising creatives