At Wombat Invest, my role as a Designer allowed me to infuse creativity into the company's visual elements. I introduced design systems, layouts, and visually compelling components that resonated with our audience. By harmonizing these nuances across all channels, I transformed our brand’s presence into a cohesive, captivating experience and visual appeal. View my work

Email design

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) design and the creation of marketing assets, the process is both a creative challenge and an opportunity to significantly impact how businesses interact with their customers. From a design perspective, this realm is a fascinating blend of user experience (UX) principles, visual storytelling, and intricate animation techniques, all tailored to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

CRM design is centered around creating interfaces and experiences that facilitate seamless management of customer relationships. My role as a designer begins with understanding their specific needs, pain points, and workflows. This knowledge forms the foundation upon which I build intuitive, visually appealing emails within their respective journey.

Below are a few live examples of the emails build for Wombat:

Device mockups and motion design marketing assets

As a designer, one of the most rewarding aspects of motion design is creating device mockups that significantly contribute to CRM campaigns and marketing assets. These mockups are not just static representations but dynamic, engaging visuals that breathe life into the digital experiences of apps, websites, or services. Through these mockups, I have the opportunity to take complex functionalities and present them in a digestible, visually appealing format that captivates and educates audiences.

When working on a CRM campaign, my objective is to illustrate the value and usability, in this case- Wombat Invest's tools in a clear and compelling manner. I often start by diving deep into the app’s features and understanding the user journey. It's essential to fully grasp how each tool functions and how it benefits the end-user. Whether it's, New Features, How-to or Search, each feature has to be showcased in a way that highlights its utility and ease of use.

Using a range of software, I create high-fidelity device mockups that replicate real-world usage scenarios. For example, I might animate a sequence showing a seamless navigation through the Wombat app on a smartphone. This involves orchestrating various elements – from smooth transitions and reactive buttons to subtle animations that indicate user interactions. These details are crucial for creating a realistic and engaging experience.

ASO images and videos

Creating App Store Optimization (ASO) images and videos for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, my work at NuWealth, an investment company, has been both challenging and rewarding. ASO is critical for maximizing an app's visibility and enticing users to download it. Therefore, designing compelling visuals and informative videos is essential to capturing and retaining user interest. Here’s how I approached this task at NuWealth:

Research and Understanding

The first step in the process was understanding NuWealth’s brand identity and the core features of their investment app. I spent time with the Marketing Team to grasp the unique selling points, and overall tone we wanted to convey. This foundational knowledge was essential to ensure that the visuals and videos would align well with our brand and appeal to potential users.

Planning and Storyboarding

Before diving into design software, I created detailed storyboards for the videos and drafts for the static images. For the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, we needed to provide a quick, visually appealing summary of what the app offers. The storyboards outlined the narrative flow, key animations, and transitions between scenes.

Below is an example of the Wombat app showcasing key features:

Paid Ads video creatives

As a designer tasked with creating paid ad videos for social media with the goal of user acquisition for Wombat Invest, I would blend creativity, strategy, and data-driven insights to craft compelling and engaging videos that convert viewers into users.

High-quality visuals and audio are essential. Using software like Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, I’d design engaging animations and transitions that align with Wombat Invest’s brand identity—selecting typography, colour schemes, and iconography to reflect brand values.

See paid ad examples below:

Product update videos

As a motion designer, creating new product release videos for Wombat Invest required a thoughtful combination of creative storytelling and technical expertise. These videos were designed to not only announce new features or products but also to educate and energize our audience about the latest innovations.

Saving Account

Price Alerts

Social post work

My role involved designing a variety of content tailored to different social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Part of my expertise being graphic design for Wombat Invest, my goal was to elevate the visual presence of the brand across its social media channels. This involved creating a cohesive aesthetic that reflected Wombat Invest’s commitment to simplifying and democratizing investment for all.

See the samples below:

Posts and Stories:

Eye-catching posts and stories to share investment tips, market updates, and company news. These designs emphasized clarity and simplicity, making complex financial information accessible and engaging.

How Wombat Invest Uses Isometric Graphics to Simplify Finance and Enhance Brand Identity

Using isometric graphics helped maintain a unique, consistent visual identity that resonates with the audience. By carefully aligning these graphics with brand colours, line thicknesses, and overall style, we ensure that every piece of visual content produced feels inherently "Wombat." This consistency helps reinforce the brand recognition, making tools and communications instantly identifiable.

For example, when explaining the workings of our investment algorithms or the nuances of different investment portfolios, isometric graphics enable us to break down these complex ideas into simple, engaging visuals. This not only makes our content more digestible but also projects a sense of reliability and professionalism.

What's more, isometric illustrations are versatile. We leverage them across various platforms—our website, mobile app, infographics, and printed materials—ensuring a cohesive look and feel no matter where our clients interact with us.

Email Design System

As someone who uses an email design system, I find it incredibly valuable. It’s a comprehensive framework that standardizes how we create, manage, and update email templates. With a library of reusable components like headers, footers, buttons, and content blocks, I can quickly mix and match elements to design new emails efficiently.

The guidelines help ensure every component aligns with our brand standards and accessibility requirements. This consistency not only strengthens our brand identity but also enhances user experience.

Collaboration is seamless because everyone—designers, developers, and marketers—relies on a single source of truth. This minimizes misunderstandings and streamlines our workflow from design to implementation.

Frequent updates and feedback loops ensure the system evolves with current trends, keeping our emails engaging and effective. In short, our email design system boosts efficiency, ensures brand consistency, and enhances the overall quality of our email campaigns.