De Rustica Olive Estate

A multidisciplinary skill set was key to develop print-ready marketing material for the De Rustica Olive Estate advertising outlets, the design below amongst other projects involved recording dimensions of their product, and re-creating a 3d model to glorify within the adverts, banners, and graphic design projects. Within the following examples of my work, I have included a design for the entrance of the Estate.

Graphic design; 3D design; Technical assistance; Technical drawing; Print-ready artwork


De Rustica Olive Estate

Short description:

De Rustica came into existence in 2006 and has been set on producing the highest quality EVOO ever since. The farm, nestled in the foothills of the Swartberg mountain in Oudemuragie near Oudtshoorn

the challenge

One of South Africa's largest, and highly acclaimed Olive Oil producers contacted me...

The first project delivered for De Rustica Olive Estate was print-ready artwork for media and other marketing material such as roll-up banners and digital assets. Exhibited within the work was a message portraying the key point and the point being that the company had once again proven to be the best as a multiple award-winning olive oil producer, not only locally, but on a global scale.

My artwork had to be impressive, minimal, clean, and clear.

Firstly, I was happy with my work, and my client was impressed. Job is done! Okay, but let's take a look at what was done here.

Within this print-ready mixture of media is a 3d rendering of product/s which had to be made up to scale before-hand, which was done with vector and various 3d software, and of-course, a measuring apparatus. I prefer a metal ruler and vernier for this type of work, I have become accustomed to these tools from my experience designing jewelry and products.

Once the measuring was taken, and I was satisfied by the final render, I would move onto the graphic design portion of the project. Spacing, alignment, font, and lastly color. The color tone is consistent as I would after most artwork grade the final image to visually be cohesive.

File sent, client impressed, see my work below:

Sending the correct message utilizing print-ready artwork and design elements to make-up, and glamorize the product.

Rendering the product

Making use of 3d packages is useful when having to set-up a product for virtual shoots. Once the product is built, one can adjust the angle of the shot, and most importantly, fine-tune the lighting for the best result. A 3d software package is not going to cut it as one generally would have to render the 3d model after it has been built. Keep a lookout for my blog page to get more insight into rendering and 3d product modeling.

In a nutshell, this project consisted of the following: Record the product, 3d model to render, final compositing, and prep for print-ready artwork.

3d model product render

The product range

Within the range of the bottled products, there are small differences, and this worked well to my advantage as I only needed to render one bottle out for the particular angle below, and after-which compositing the individual labels onto the bottle. The rendering of a product can be time-consuming depending on the hardware one is using. Below, one can find more renderings of De Rustica Olive Oil within the other design work I was commissioned to do.

The KKNK, an annual festival in Oudtshoorn

Yearly, a huge festival is organized in Oudtshoorn, where artists of all classes get together and promote their work. De Rustica Olive Estate needed posters printed, I was commissioned for the project. Below is the final poster which was part illustration, graphic design, and 3d design. Again, I was happy, and the client felt like they had something creative and different to present to their audience.

Brochure mockup

Ready to build

Below is an entrance sign for which I provided visuals, as well as an interpretation of the size and components guide-line to ready for building. The key point for this project was to utilize surrounding materials to create the signage and to make it visible from the main road.