Brand identity

GR Nano approached me to assist them with their company Brand identity. I was responsible to develop marketing avenues for the company, and create the brand from scratch. Below enclosed some of the design work I created for the business.

Key points of focus for GR Nano

  • Logo design (3D design + Vector)
  • Branded goods (Print-ready artwork and procurement of goods)
  • Shop Branding (Print-ready artwork)
  • Website design (Wordpress)

Logo design GR Nano

The Logo illustrated below had to adhere to the Brands offering, Nanotechnology based surface protective solutions. After research and development, I found that on a molecular level (visually) there were some points noted which were: shapes created when water interacted with Nano particles; how water diffused from the protected surface; where could I find this phenomenon occurring in nature? These are some of the questions asked when developing this particular Logo.

Shop visuals

The shop front had to stand out with a full vinyl on the windows and a laser-cut Logo on the high-point of sight. The promotional goods below were procured and prepped for artwork by myself as print-ready artwork is one of the services I quite often provide to my clientele, Ranging from: Banner flags; Gazebos; Director chairs etc.

Website design

Below attached a page from the GR Nano website I created as part of their Digital strategy. Brand identity was a key aspect to the overall project. Social Media advertising and email marketing was part of the creation of the website.

Wrapping it up

My client was pleased with the effort and work done for GR Nano and further on referred me to other clients. This was one of my favourite projects to work on as enjoyed the technical aspect, and the fact I could use most of the skills learned in earlier projects, all with one client!