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Redefine Creative is one of my companies which delivers multi-disciplinary design aspects, brand cohesion and as a whole, enhancing the presence of companies through branding and marketing. Marketing creativity is where Redefine Creative is most actively involved, where ideas are realised with the assistance of integrating technologies to increase and engage with a targeted audience.

illustration: Books; Concept art; Technical drawings, Online: Website design; Hosting; Domain registration, 3D design: Virtual product photography; Rendering; Printing; Prototyping, Graphic design: Print-ready artwork; Digital asset creation; Logo design, Video production: Vfx; animations; Presentations; Advertisements, Business card: Procuring; Artwork setup, Communications: Application forms; Social media; Creative writing; Narration, Laser cutting: Cutting files and design work


Redefine Creative

Short description:

Design and communication is the innermost part of Redefine Creative where joining together the process of math and art to speak to an audience.

the challenge

Behind the scenes & how it all began

The first steps into this venture were established in 2014. From an idea with no focus point but knowing how to break through the epic journey of the self and conquering the three simple questions. What, How and When…

At the base of this venture rocking in the wind, was a small wooden cottage on stilts, where Bianca, founder of Redefine Creative, would be brainstorming and furiously typing away at the keyboard burning the midnight oil, just short of becoming a celestial being with foresight and an abundant wealth of strategy like a marketing prophet.

Before her new venture into the challenge and responsible position of creating a satisfying self-owned business venture she would eventually find herself.

Bianca resided in Johannesburg where she had key accounts in a Digital Marketing Strategy division. Her key accounts were well-known Brands and companies.

In a nut shell, Bianca was at the forefront of her division, bringing ideas into every new client portfolio.

As life gave way to new changes to her mindset and challenges to arise from leaving what was a safe place, she ventured deeper into the unknown territory of becoming an entrepreneur, where all fell into place with a driving force to do it differently. The life of an entrepreneur was her drive as her clients, metaphorically speaking, started to grow with her.

As Bianca set foot along the Garden Route, ticking off Mossel Bay, Grootbrak and George on the ZA map, she discovered a way to create a presence for companies locally.

Business owners and entrepreneurs alike, residing in Mossel Bay were soon to realise a change for their business presence…

She was able to engage on a level of understanding and professionalism and was able to think out of the box to progressively give her clients the recognition for the hard work which they gave time to for their business.

During 2016, accompanied by a fire to be creative and purposefully driven to be different, Tim joined Redefine Creative. He took over all accounts as 50% shareholder implementing newer technology to the business as well as welcoming new clients to join the Brand Trust.

He is meticulous when designing, he believes in good service and has almost 20 years of experience within the digital landscape.

After re-inventing Redefine Creative as a brand, he is now wanting to obtain investors to join in, as he envisions a global footprint with more to offer the digital economy.

Maintaining a good relationship with clients, responsive communications is a key attribute to his everyday workings and he takes great pride in the fact that he can deliver timeously and effectively.

Tim’s philosophy: “ Know you’re good but never the best as there is always something new to learn.