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The brain science of branding: what it says about your business

Tim Tello
The brain science of branding: what it says about your business

Branding and psychology go inseparably.

The decisions you make about style, tone, look and feel are the plan of your image. Here's the manner by which they mirror your business character.

Branding colours

While thinking about your business branding, colours are regularly the primary thing that comes into view. There are some established associations among shading and state of mind. Everybody's affiliations are marginally extraordinary however, contingent upon their background – so these are patterns, not principles.

Beyond this, your shading decisions mean something in your specific industry. Blue, for instance, may be exemplary for a bank yet a particular decision for a bookshop. What's commonplace for organizations in a similar specialty as yours? Regardless of whether you tap into the set up standards or think outside the box with another methodology, your brand's colours will say something regarding who you are as an organization.


Fonts have a particularly rich history, lettering style can hugely affect how you're seen. Here are a few font branding considerations:

Serif or sans serif?

Serif fonts are exquisite, and convey a feeling of tradition. Sans serif are more present day, and somewhat cool. Think Times New Roman versus Helvetica.

Multiple fonts?

Utilizing a few font styles adds energy and could even make things look somewhat busy, demonstrating a brand that is brimming with thoughts and consistently has something new happening. Adhering to a solitary font style implies you'll seem to be intentional and conscious, with a straightforward way to completing things.

Script vs decorative fonts

In the event that you pick decorative or script style, you can make a legacy tasteful or an ageless, classic feeling. Furthermore, depending on your font style decision, handwritten like style can likewise make a more close to home, easygoing feel.

Illustration style

Illustrations are expressive, and each artist has their own interpretation of creating articles or innovative symbolism. There are a couple of patterns that most brands fall into. There are two primary branding styles:

  • Stylized digital vector brand illustrations are present-day, fun, small in file size, and clean-looking. They frequently go hand-in-hand with technology based companies, and are a staple among new companies. Solid colours and clean lines are signs of this style, which is regularly utilized in infographics. Vector artwork can be effectively altered in Adobe Illustrator CC, for print and web.
  • The hand-drawn advanced illustration style, utilizes lines, exhibitting a human component in your business, and recommend innovativeness and craftsman abilities.

Obviously, any sort of craftsmanship can be important for your image, from Caligraphy to watercolor, yet by and large, picking simple organizations as opposed to advanced will give your image a greater amount of an outdated, hand tailored personality.

Brand tone

The way you say it matters, and can overall, outweigh what you have to say.

  • Does your brand use contractions (we’ll, isn’t, they're)? Do you talk about yourself in the first person, rather than the third person? (i.e. “We started out” not “The Company was established since…”) If yes, this would be the informal tone of voice. This is friendly and can be more approachable by potential customers.
  • Lyrical and witty can be tricky to write as humour differs from one person to the next, but, if done well, you’ll come across as smart, approachable and good at what you do.
  • In the event that you utilize short articulations and permit pictures or data to become the focus, your manner of speaking proposes that you're sure and quality driven – you let the product or service do the talking.


A brand is like a team – every person counts, and they need to work as a team. To make sure your ‘team’ or brand is performing at top form, make sure they’re all there when needed, timorously and at the right place.

So if your plan is on point and your manner of speaking is great, yet your font style decisions are arbitrary and impromptu, it's never going to be a triumphant blend. Moreover, on the off chance that you have delightfully branded Business Cards but your web architecture isn't comparable, your image won't generally radiate through.

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