Speed-up your website

Tim Tello
Speed-up your website

Moving away from WordPress was my best move as a designer.

This is why.

One of the most frequent, and competitive online work done is SEO. I spent 3 months solely dedicated to attempting to speed up my website on WordPress

to no avail.

There are many hurdles to overcome when wanting better ranking on Search Engines, one of which is to integrate a Central Distribution Network with one's Domain. A very important reason to display projects at speed is that, as a designer, high-quality imagery, and video content is most favorably displayed as fast as possible.

This makes sense right.

Alternatively, viewers could spend unnecessary time watching the Loading gif, you spend so long designing to make it look cool... No, this is terrible.

Show your work, without delay.

Once complete with a Webflow project, there are resources available to assist with whatever one may need to know about. The tutorials are humorous, inviting, and to the point.

To the point.

Once my Website on Webflow was built, I simply took a few minutes to automatically clean my unwanted code, no 3rd party plugins or platforms to integrate a CDN, easily accessible window boxes to place the immediate, and most valuable SEO techniques.

For the advanced user, one can even go as far as minimizing the fonts manually. What!

The proof is in the pudding.

Below are speed tests for my domain, and links to test your WordPress Site to be disappointed.

Skip the bulky lag. Build a website with the best. If you can't, contact me.

Thank you! Excited to have you join!
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