Spam to Global email filters in cPanel

Tim Tello
Spam to Global email filters in cPanel

I'm in it for the music, but

if you're wanting a quick walkthrough on how to set up Global email filters within cPanel, you've landed on the right page.

See below video, bullet points, and screenshots to assist you in getting rid of unwanted emails landing in your clients, or personal Inbox.

cPanel Global email filters walkthrough

  • Login to dashboard
  • Select Email Accounts
  • Click on "Check email" in correlation to the email account needing attention.
  • Select "roundcube" or alternative online email platform provided by cPanel
  • Go to "Spam" folder
  • Right click and copy the email address (Note: You might be prompted with a message box. Click Cancel)
  • Back to your cPanel home dashboard, find Global email filters
  • Create a new filter with the copied email, make sure to select "equals on dropdown
  • Go back to the email inbox, and DELETE!
  • Done

Thank you! Excited to have you join!
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