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Tim Tello
My Ordinarily Self

Welcome to Myself Presentation

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Hello and welcome to a condensed video of my story. I'll be sharing some of who I am, what I've done, and what I do to be a Designer.

Present and past

I was born in South Africa, brought up in an English family, and most of my life I've been close to the coast. Being close to a natural environment is home. I am a father of two, a husband and we live, next to a river on the side of a hill, close to a nature reserve in a remote area.

From the age of 14, I realised that I was good at drawing and excelled in it. Understanding this was not that I was good at drawing, but rather that I knew what looks good and what doesn't.

The process of creativity and design is never-ending. There is always something one can do to better the outcome.

Starting my career, without knowing it...

My favourite class in high school was maths. My teacher let me draw. This was my escape and passion. I was to continue what I loved most, to take reality and shape it into what I imagined it should look like.

I left school from a young age by choice as my Mother, a loving one at that wanted me to find my own feet for myself. After doing what I could for some time, an opportunity presented itself.

Official Career Start

My practical interview to be an apprentice Goldsmith went well.

I now have 5 years of experience in the trade which is excellent for design. Communicating to clients and my Journeyman at the time was a key point to deliver projects.

After creating jewelry, I became an Illustrator for individuals and companies. I now know the print process and can create a book from start to finish.

My next and more challenging position was to become a product designer. Some of the many learnings were assembly, print-process, 3d design, and industry techniques. My favourite part of these 5 years was Research and design. I now have a better understanding of the technical side of large-scale production.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

I wanted to start my own company and left my job. I starting a t-shirt printing company where I would silk-screen print, by hand.

It was not as satisfying for me as I wanted to design. I then partnered in a company, and to this day is running strong. The Artists is an online shop that I built to sell the wood jewelry I create. Clientele and buyers are enjoying my products around the World.

Redefine Creative is another business I run. A digital marketing company. I started out helping with some graphic design projects. I now work with clients daily. I've been at it for about 4 years today.

There are a few other companies in the pipe-line running alongside as a designer. I'll keep that for another day. I'm sure you have enough of my story, but before you go. I still want to tell you about the time I ran a Digital marketing company without electricity. It'll be short.

A Challenge Overcome

My partner and I decided to move off-grid. The beauty of natural surroundings next to a river within a mountain setting was our home. It was 7 months of nothing being easy. I enjoyed the challenge. The problems faced were baboons, scorpions, and fire sweeping through the valley. The flames were as high as buildings lasting a week, causing us to evacuate twice. This was all handled well. The valley has replenished.

I had a business to run and people counting on me. There was no electricity. The Digital marketing company Redefine Creative needed a plan.

I organised a transformer to connect to my car battery when I was not working from a coffee shop. This would give me 4 hours of internet and laptop power, and four hours once charged.

My projects were still delivered to my clients.

Looking back at what I have done I find what I'm good at. Taking risks is a good thing and I am resourceful.

Highlights of my career

I had the opportunity to be in many diverse and creative industries.

A Diamond in the rough, an artist, a digital partner, an illustrator, a developer, and a graphic designer. These are the most outstanding events. What clients and employers alike have said to me.

I am my own brand, my dream is my design.
I am Tim Tello. Thanks for watching.

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